Gleam Contests: Worth it?

I decided to run a contest in April to giveaway some games to see if it was worth it! Here’s some information on the contest and results.

Contest Type: Gleam

Cost: Free to run the contest, possible prizes were two games from my library, Super Hack Override (retails at $10-12, shipping for any of the games would cost $6-20), or a $10 gift certificate.

Time Ran: April 9th – April 31st

Facebook Likes Gained: 31

Twitter Followers Gained: 212

Mailing List Subscriptions Gained: 38

Link: April Contest

Caveats: I didn’t get all the likes, followers, etc. from the contest, but I definitely saw an increase during the contest.

Overall Results: I have the free version of Gleam, which has less than the paid version is still enough to run a contest. It costs $39 a month, which is a bit out of my range, so the free version it is. The games I used as prizes were ones I had only played once and would have traded away and Super Hack Override, which I have boxes of. So you can say that I paid between $10-20 to gain access to a maximum¬†of 281 people, but that’s definitely too high a number as I did get followers naturally and if people liked my page, they probably also followed, and subscribed. I can easily say that at least 100 more people now know more about Weird Giraffe Games!

Final Thoughts: Even if I only got followers that are interested in contests, I did get a happiness boost from going over 1500 followers on twitter and I feel pretty accomplished from trying something new out. The goal of this was to see how if contests are worthwhile and I think that they are at this point in my game publishing career. I’m still rather unknown and getting my name out there before I go to Kickstarter again (plan is for September!) is something I’ve been worrying about and I’m worried less now.

More Contests: Yep! I’m going to be launching the May Contest in a few hours and for this one, I’ve teamed up with Pround Games to see how that goes. I have a few other ideas for contests that I’ll try out in the next few months and I’ll post updates about those, at some point. If you’d like to sponsor a monthly Weird Giraffe Games Contest, feel free to contact me! I’ll need sponsors for June on and I’m always open to new ideas.

Have you ever tried a contest? How did you feel about it? Do you prefer other contests types other than Gleam?

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