The Future of Weird Giraffe Games

We’re almost past the fulfillment stage of Super Hack Override, so what’s next for us?

  • Our next big project – code name: Stellar Leap is in the mid stages of play testing and mechanics tweaking. Expect this to be a small box card/board game set in space! We hope to have this on Kickstarter during spring/summer 2017. If you’re interested in playtesting Stellar Leap, please fill out this form:
  • Super Hack Override: The Dice Game: Roll some dice, gain some new hacks, and whoever hacks into the mainframe first wins!
  • Super Hack Override mini-expansions: We designed the game to allow you to swap in new cards with different effects.  We’re also thinking about personas that give you additional mechanics or win conditions. We’d also like to add Solo Player rules to the game!
  • Unnamed Dinosaur Dice Drafting Game: Gather eggs, draft dice to see how the dinosaur evolves, and try to get the best set of dinosaur that you can.
  • We have a few other games that have a bit less definition, including a Romance themed Dice Game, a Tile Placing Space themed game (Stellar Leap tiles?), and a T.I.M.E Stories expansion.


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