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Weird Giraffe Games, May Update

Hello, all!

Weird Giraffe Games has had a lot going in the last few months since we last had a status blog in February!

Stellar Leap

Let’s start with Stellar Leap progress! There’s been so much of it! We’ve been playtesting so much and the game is looking really solid. We’ve added the following to the game:

  • Push Your Luck Asteroid Mining
  • Exciting Events
  • Community Dice Powers

The game has also been updated to be super thematic! Quests have been replaced by Missions, a player’s High Command can do two of several actions, there’s Labor, Mining, and Intelligence divisions at your disposal. These changes have made the game more immersive and easier to play.

Stellar Leap is coming along so well that we’re playtesting possible expansions! The expansion ideas include:

  • Black Holes
  • Giant Planets
  • Solar System Completion Bonuses
  • 5th Player Support
  • Extra Dice Abilities, Planets, Asteroids

We’re really excited to try all of the expansion ideas out to find the best ones and if you’d like to help out, please either contact us or fill out our playtesting form. We’re also getting to the point of rules playtesting, so you don’t have to be local to help out! We really appreciate your help and can’t make this game without you!

The Kickstarter is currently planned for September, 2017 and because of that, we’re gathering together prototypes to send to reviewers. Below are some of the components for the prototypes:

Stellar Leap also has had stellar progress in the art department!


Tyler Harris has been working hard to make Stellar Leap a game that is easy to understand and lovely to look at. You can find out more about him at his website.


After Stellar Leap, we’re planning on working on Observance! Observance is a game of astronomy and star gazing! You’re a junior astronomer and your goal is to observe the stars, identify what they are, and publish your data. The more constellations you identify, the better you get at different aspects of being an astronomer. The night sky is vast, but you’ll learn to do your best with the time you have.

We’re super excited to start getting prototyping, so much so that we’ve already gotten our stars in!


We’re going to be at Origins this June and GenCon this August! If you’re also going, we’d love to meet up!


We’ve recently had a website revamp! There’s more of a focus on our games and we’ve love to hear what you think of it! Check out the website here:

Sugar Belle Board Game Night

We’re hosting Board Game Night at Sugar Belle every other Tuesday! June, 6th is the next time we’ll be there, so feel free to bring your games, grab a cupcake, and have fun! We bring a giant box of games every time and we can teach you a new game or do some playtesting! We have a facebook event here:


Last. but certainly not least, we’ve taken to running a few contests! We ran one in April and one for the Battle for Bitneria Kickstarter campaign, plus we’re current running a contest with Pround Games! It only lasts until the end of May, so be sure to enter soon:

Starting on the 1st, we’re having a June Giveaway, so save this link:

If you’d like to run a contest with us or want to give us ideas on what the next contest reward should be, please contact us!


As always, feel free to reach out to us via email, twitter, or facebook! We love talking about our games and board games in general!

Gleam Contests: Worth it?

I decided to run a contest in April to giveaway some games to see if it was worth it! Here’s some information on the contest and results.

Contest Type: Gleam

Cost: Free to run the contest, possible prizes were two games from my library, Super Hack Override (retails at $10-12, shipping for any of the games would cost $6-20), or a $10 gift certificate.

Time Ran: April 9th – April 31st

Facebook Likes Gained: 31

Twitter Followers Gained: 212

Mailing List Subscriptions Gained: 38

Link: April Contest

Caveats: I didn’t get all the likes, followers, etc. from the contest, but I definitely saw an increase during the contest.

Overall Results: I have the free version of Gleam, which has less than the paid version is still enough to run a contest. It costs $39 a month, which is a bit out of my range, so the free version it is. The games I used as prizes were ones I had only played once and would have traded away and Super Hack Override, which I have boxes of. So you can say that I paid between $10-20 to gain access to a maximum of 281 people, but that’s definitely too high a number as I did get followers naturally and if people liked my page, they probably also followed, and subscribed. I can easily say that at least 100 more people now know more about Weird Giraffe Games!

Final Thoughts: Even if I only got followers that are interested in contests, I did get a happiness boost from going over 1500 followers on twitter and I feel pretty accomplished from trying something new out. The goal of this was to see how if contests are worthwhile and I think that they are at this point in my game publishing career. I’m still rather unknown and getting my name out there before I go to Kickstarter again (plan is for September!) is something I’ve been worrying about and I’m worried less now.

More Contests: Yep! I’m going to be launching the May Contest in a few hours and for this one, I’ve teamed up with Pround Games to see how that goes. I have a few other ideas for contests that I’ll try out in the next few months and I’ll post updates about those, at some point. If you’d like to sponsor a monthly Weird Giraffe Games Contest, feel free to contact me! I’ll need sponsors for June on and I’m always open to new ideas.

Have you ever tried a contest? How did you feel about it? Do you prefer other contests types other than Gleam?