Monthly Archives: March 2017

Games to Play when you don’t have a lot of Energy

I really enjoy my job, but some days are stressful and require all my energy. I still want to play games, though! So, here are three¬†games that are still really playable even if you don’t have a lot to give.

  • Imhotep! Imhotep has three main things that you can do: place a stone on a ship, sail a ship, and get three stones. There’s no real terrible choices to make in Imhotep and every spot has some value. ¬†If you just place stones on ships and take stones when you’re getting low, your score won’t be bad! Sure, you won’t have optimized stone placement, but it’s still a fun game that doesn’t require much thought for every turn.

  • Dragoon! Dragoon always makes me happier as you’re a dragon, doing dragon things. In the game, you do three actions on your turn and these include things like moving, claiming towns, destroying towns, and stealing. The actions themselves are pretty simple and you can just move and destroy, if that’s all you want to do! It’s also on Kickstarter right now!

  • Dingo’s Dreams! The art for this game is fantastic and it’s a very chill game. You have to match your dreamscape’s pattern to a specific one and each turn one of your tiles is revealed, then you can shift a tile. You could think a lot to try to plan, but you could just choose rows and hope that right cards come up! I think I’ve won by cards just as often as I’ve won by making the right tile move, so you definitely still have the chance to win when you don’t make the ideal moves.